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Latest: Top 10 Reasons to Oppose the Obama Housing Bailout

All we hear these days is whining from reckless home borrowers and their banks.

But did you know that renters are 32 percent of American households? And that homes in foreclosure are less than 2 percent?

So why is Congress rushing to bailout high-flying borrowers and their lenders with our tax dollars?

Unfortunately, renters aren't as good at politics as the small minority of homeowners (and their bankers) who are in trouble. We don't have lobbyists in Washington, DC. We don't get a tax deduction for our rent and we don't get sweetheart government loans.

Quite simply, we are just Angry Renters. And now it is our time to be heard: no government bailouts!

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ScottC P.Las Vegas, NVJuly 10, 2009 x
s w.San Diego, CAJuly 10, 2009 I didnt buy a house during the boom because I knew I couldnt afford it. My family and I have been priced out of the market for years. We rent. That amounts to a housing investment loss of over $14,000 per year. But I dont get a bailout to cover my real estate loses. Why should you ??
Arnold B.New Castle, DEJuly 9, 2009 x
Amber F.Tampa, FLJuly 4, 2009 Could not have said it better myself. I am tired of paying for other people to keep up with the Jone's just to put themselves in holes they cannot afford. Let them learn from their mistakes the hard way. Do not make my pay for it. I pay my bills and taxes and live within my means.
ANDREW H.Keller, TXJuly 3, 2009 The various bailout programs amount to theft. Stop rewarding greed and incompetance, let the bankrupt and insolvent go bankrupt.
Douglas P.New York, NYJune 28, 2009 Helping home owners is bad policy.

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We are millions of renters standing up for our rights!

Flipper Bailout

Congress is getting ready to pass a multi-billion dollar bailout of homeowners and their banks.

That's right, Congress is going to use your tax dollars to bail out big banks and keep housing prices too high!

A Renter's Perspective

What the heck?!? Congress is passing welfare for Wall Street.

Wall Street Wants Welfare

It seems like America's renters may NEVER be able to afford a home. We are the class that has been ignored in this debate.  Washington should not make us pay more in taxes to subsidize reckless borrowers and lenders.

Now, however, our voice will be heard! We are trying to get as many signatures as possible on our petition to Congress. Please sign the petition and tell your friends to sign as well!

Housing bubble

So you bought an overpriced house or cashed out your home equity like an ATM? Here's an idea: take responsibility for your actions!

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